Electrochemical Terms
1791-1867 Michael Faraday [Wikipedia]
1834 Michael Faraday created electrochemical terms:

ηλεκτρον (electron), and οδοζ (a away).

anode and cathode
ανω (upwards), and οδοζ (a way); the way which the sun rises.
κατα (downwards), and οδοζ (a way); the way which the sun sets.

ηλεκτρον (electron), and λυω (solvo). electrolyte (noun), electrolyze (verb).

anion and cation
ανιων that which goes up.
κατιων that which goes down.

Michael Faraday
Experimental researches in electricity. Seventh series
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume 124, pp. 77-122 (1834).
(Received January 9, Read January 23, February 6 and 13, 1834)
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Michael Faraday
Experimental Researches in Electricity. Vol. I
(Richard and John Edward Taylor, London, 1839)
Chapter "Seventh Series", pp. 195-258 (pp. 196-197).
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