Toward large volume solution plasmas

The plasmas in liquid employed in our previous research works were originally developed in laboratory of Prof. Osamu Takai and Prof. Nagahiro Saito in Nagoya University. They are named as "Solution Plasmas". These plasmas were generated between two tiny conductive electrodes in massive water, but can treat CNTs and can produce Au nano-particles. However, this method has several issues of too much fluctuation due to a random formation of bubbles, poor Joule heating efficiency due to divergence of electrical currents, and poor process efficiency due to a small reaction area in a very large amount of liquid phase. For industrial use of this technique, we must enlarge the scale of the Solution Plasmas. Thus, we have proposed a novel method to generate, so-called micro solution plasmas, which have been ignited at the interface between a dielectric electrode and a porous dielectric material containing liquids. This can be easily integrated and scaled-up. In this year, we have obtained Integrated Micro Solution Plasmas having the diameter of 80 mm, which is much larger than tiny discharges used in our previous works.